Dosing systems


Our dosing systems are designed to insert a predetermined quantity of fibers into the concrete through transport, weighing and control, with very restrictive tolerances. These systems can be equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and a SIM card to transmit all the necessary data to the head quarter or to the quality office, in order to improve the production flow and product safety. The dosing system can also be integrated into the existing production plant and thus allow data sharing in real time to optimize timing, as well as ensuring quality consistency by limiting manual interventions.


Fiber conveyor belt, foldable and easy to position directly on the construction site or concrete mixing plant. This transport system makes it easy to empty the boxes or bags of fibers, allowing the operation to be carried out at the loading point of the concrete mixer


Automatic vibrating fiber dispenser, equipped with a touch control panel that can be connected to the system or operated independently. This doser is composed of a loading hopper for big-bags and a vibrating system with load cells that allows to unload the established quantity of fibers directly on the conveyor belt.


Studied by our technicians based on specific needs, they are manufactured to meet the most restrictive precision requirements.