A real team, in the field as in the job, has to count on team spirit to win, as well as correctness and reliability: the strengths of Fibrocev.
We produce Fibrag®: metal and polymer fibers that, when mixed together with concrete, improve its performance. The continuous search for new solutions, new “game patterns” and new technologies, require constant checks and experimentation. That’s why Fibrocev collaborates with technical laboratories, university faculties and with some major producers in the field of prefabrication.
The customer is part of the team. Each project is always carried out together and in harmony: this way of working leads to excellent results and great accomplishments. 


Quality as a philosophy: in FIBROCEV quality is something real. You can feel it in the air. Methods and procedures, production systems, training. We invest time and money in these key points.
The first thing that we transmit to all the people who work in Fibrocev, is the responsibility for their role. From this awareness, our customers get a total quality that goes beyond the product. Because here we all participate in the maintenance of the highest standards that we impose and that we continue to uplift. This is our guarantee.
At all times, even after several years, you can still ask us anything about your supply. The production cycle is fully documented and catalogued: this is the traceability system that we provide to all our customers.
We are pleased to inform you that we have obtained the Quality Management System Certification, in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.